Our devices use an approach called «structured light» to build a 3D surface. Although, this method is widely used in other 3D scanners, our team has super-charged it (and patented it), allowing our scanners to surpass all others on the market. The basic concept is as follows: 1. A light pattern is projected onto an object using a built-in projector. 2. The light bounces back, and the built-in cameras, capture the deformation of the light grid. 3. This deformation is analyzed in real-time by powerful algorithms using the built-in computer. 4. This is done continuously (10 times per second), so a 3D image begins to take shape immediately on a built-in screen, as the scanner is taken around the object.
Why should I choose “Thor3D” over other scanners?
This scanner is better than anything else on the market in our niche. Although there are some similarities in technical specifications with what is already available, there are several features that none of the other scanners have. Here is a list of those: While accuracy and resolution specs match what’s on the market, not a single scanner with those specs has such a large field of view. That means that the scanning process is much faster with Thor. There are no hand-held 3D scanners, aside from Thor, that have no cables (no wires to outlet or external battery and no wire to a laptop or screen). Having no cables makes the scanning process easier. The touch-screen on the scanner has two buttons. The software on the laptop has three buttons. That’s it. There are no scanners on the market, aside from Thor, that have only five buttons in total. Again,…we’ve tried to make it as simple as possible. As experts in the industry can attest, certain things are hard to scan: metal, sharp edges, humans, hair, shiny objects. Each one is difficult for different reasons, but Thor can scan all these categories of objects.
How much are the scanners?
Prices may vary depending on your location. Please contact us at info@thor3Dscanner.com to get an individual quote.
Does it come with software?
Yes, software is included in the price. The software will finalize your models and allow you to export it into OBJ/STL/WRL/PLY.
I’m confused about markers. Why do I need them? Where do I get them?
Markers (or targets as they are also commonly known) are round, black and white stickers or magnets that you place on an object before scanning. They guarantee that you will not lose alignment during scanning (this is a frequent problem with other scanners) and that you receive high-quality data. You can print these markers on your office printer or purchase magnet markers from Thor3D. If you still have questions, please emails us at info@thor3Dscanner.com or download our Guide To Markers for more info.
What kind of support do you offer?
If you purchased one of our scanners, we treat you like royalty. We provide unlimited training and support. Whatever your question is, we will answer it via email, phone, webex, skype or anything else you want to use for communication. You are also welcome to visit our office in Moscow (we love guests) and have an in-person training session.
Is there a warranty? What if the scanner breaks?
Yes, a 12-month warranty is included. If something breaks during those 12 months (and it wasn’t your fault), we will fix it for free. If something breaks after the warranty has expired, we will let you know how much the repairs will cost. In both cases, you are responsible for shipping charges to us, while we will cover the cost of sending the scanner back to you after repairs.
How do I become a reseller?
If you are interested in becoming one, please email us at info@thor3Dscanner.com and tell us about yourself and your business.
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