Before Buying


  • Box Dimensions for Drake 51*33*35. Weight of box: 6KG. Standard list of equipment includes Drake scanner with one or more lenses and a calibration board. If you order Drake with one lens, you will receive two boxes: Drake scanner with a lens in one box, and a calibration board in another. If you order Drake scanner with two or more lenses, you will receive 3 boxes: Drake scanner with a lens in one box, additional lens (or lenses) in another and a calibration board in a separate box.

  • You will want to invest in a good computer to expedite advance post-processing of the 3D model. Read about minimal and recommended computer requirements for Calibry Nest.

  • Think about what sized objects you plan to capture. Will they always be the same size, or will they range from small (1cm in length) to large (8m in length)? It is primarily the size of the object that will determine which scanner is appropriate for you.

  • Email us at to find a local distributor to receive a detailed demo and get all your questions answered.

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