Drake is a portable, wireless 3D scanner that can capture almost any object, large or small.

It is the first hand-held 3D scanner that has interchangeable lenses which allow the user to scan any sized object: from a coin to a yacht.

Thor3D’s Drake is a device that has three swappable sets of lenses which are often called “heads”.

Each head has a name (Mini, Midi, Maxi) and is used for scanning different types of objects.


So one scanner with all three heads will let you scan almost any object (except maybe a building or a mountain) with one device.

MINI “Mini” is the set one would use to scan small items with the highest accuracy and resolution. It has the smallest field and depth of view.
MIDI “Midi” is the head you would use for scanning medium-sized objects, such as parts of a human body or a car engine.
MAXI “Maxi” is meant for large objects such as cars, boats, planes, full human bodies and it has the largest field and depth of view.

This device is truly portable, as it weighs around two kilos, is hand-held and comes equipped with a built-in touch screen, a battery and an on-board computer.

This means you can take it on a plane, a train and out to a heritage site in the desert and easily digitize any object away from the office and those often-hard-to-find electrical outlets.

The battery life is approximately 1.5 hours (of non-stop scanning) and a complementary carrying bag is included in the price. So you are good to go!


The Drake 3D scanner enables you to scan the most difficult items. Historically, certain types of objects, such as thin walls, sharp edges, human hair, and shiny surfaces were difficult to scan due to their physical properties.

Drake uses sophisticated algorithms and patented mathematical methods to overcome these difficulties and produce great results. Read more about Drake’s exclusive hardware and software technology here.

SCAN See results in real-time
FINALIZE and Export

The powerful, yet simple-to-use, Calibry Nest is complementary and is included with the purchase of every Drake 3D scanner. There are actually two programs: one that is built into the scanner which facilitates real-time image acquisition and a second one, which is meant to be installed on your desktop for data export and editing. The software on the scanner is simple. It only has a few buttons such as “Start”, “Stop” and “Shut Down”. 

The desktop software has two modes: Simple and Advanced. The Simple Mode has just four buttons, while the Advanced mode has many features for expert users who want to correct texture, simplify the mesh, align several scans into one or do any one of a dozen other operations to prepare a scan for 3D printing, for example.

Unlimited number of licenses
Software in your language
One click for a 3D-printer friendly file

Drake is sold through Thor3D’s vast, international reseller network which will continue providing excellent customer service after your purchase. Every reseller has gone through extensive technical training and will offer you, their customer, a complementary training session and unlimited technical support. 

The scanner price includes a one-year warranty and Drake was designed in such a way that many potential issues can be solved remotely by logging into the device via WIFI. Moreover, keeping in mind certain difficulties in importing/exporting battery powered devices in some countries, we’ve designed the battery to be easily swappable by the reseller.


Apply markers to the object before scanning when accuracy is of most importance (for example, for quality control in industrial applications) or if the object you are scanning has little unique geometry (like a wall or a pipe). 


Scan without markers when the object has a lot of geometry.


Scanning without markers sounds easier – why bother? Most industry professionals will tell you that even though markers sound like an extra layer of work (you need to affix the markers to the object before starting to scan), they help in several ways and often, even make the job of 3D capture easier for the person doing it. And here is how:

Doing the job without markers frequently causes hand-held scanners to lose their orientation during the 3D scanning process. That means you have to start over. Scanning with markers prevents that from happening, making the process very easy and fast.

Scanning without markers leaves you unsure of the quality of the gathered data. In the absence of markers, the software relies on geometry or texture information it captures to “glue” all the data together.

This information is frequently unreliable and the algorithms do not always work well. This means when the software produces a final model, although it may seem right to the naked eye, the geometrical inaccuracies could be as much as 5-10mm. Using markers eliminates that problem and ensure the most accurate results.

Technical Specifications
  Mini Midi Maxi
Accuracy, up to  40 microns 70 microns 150 microns
Accuracy over distance, up to 0.030% over 1m 0.025% over 1m 0.020% over 1m
Resolution, up to 0.15mm 0.4mm 0.6mm
Texture Yes, 1.3MP Yes, 1.3MP Yes, 1.3MP
Light Source White LED White LED White LED
Depth of view 18cm - 30cm 33cm - 65cm 50cm - 100cm
Optimal stand-off distance 22cm 45cm 75cm
Recommended size of object 0.5cm - 20cm 10cm - 100cm 30cm — 8m
Scanning area per frame, mm (min - max)

(50x64) - (96x128)

(158 x 211) - (321 x 429)

(428 x 571) - (857 x 1142)

Frame rate, up to 12 12 12
Data acquisition speed, up to 1 200 000 points/sec
Multi-core processing Yes
Output formats STL, OBJ, WRML, PLY
Dimensions, in mm 360 x 250 x 110
Weight 2.3kg
Power Built-in rechargeable & replaceable battery, up to 1.25 hours
Power charger 12V, 60W
Touchscreen Built-in 7in screen
Software Thor3D Nest (complimentary)
Data transfer modes USB Flash drive or WIFI
Minimum computer requirements

Windows 8.1, 10; Intel Core i7; NVIDIA GeForce 400 or better (with memory of 2GB or better); RAM: 16GB

Operating temperature +5°C — +35°C
Operating humidity 20 - 80%
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