Reverse engineering software overview


Cyborg enables the users to convert into CAD sculpted meshes (Zbrush models) and scans of organic forms.

The process can be done in 6 simple steps:

1) Run Quad Wrap Mesh. That means, that the model will be divided into quads, which follow geometric curvature flow.
2) Check for open edges. CAD models have to be watertight, so Cyborg offers an automated algorithm to check for open edges. If the mesh is watertight, Cyborg will inform the user about it.
3) Use Shrink Wrap tool to add detail to the quad mesh without adding extra polygons.
4) Fix self-intersections that might have occurred after running previous features.
5) Convert the mesh to a Brep NURBS format
6) Export CAD model

The software allows to control knot density, which helps to keep the model hi-res and “light-weight” at the same time.


Image 19. Cyborg interface.