Thor3D announces new CEO and Director of Sales

29 August 2018

Moscow-based 3D scanner manufacturer Thor3D announces appointment of its first CEO, Ms. Anna Zevelyov. Ms. Zevelyov, a veteran of the 3D market, is a co-founder of the company and until now was serving as Sales Director.  

In a statement, Zevelyov wrote: “…the company was, until now, ruled by committee. Although periodically, this “collective-wisdom” approach was beneficial, over time we realized that a strict hierarchy and one person at the helm is needed. The Board of Directors took 6 months to consider whether to nominate a CEO and if yes, who that might be. After much debate about how this could change the culture of the company, the decision was made this month. I was elected unanimously, which, naturally, boosts confidence, as I take on this new challenge.”

She continued: “As for Sales/Marketing, in my stead, I am excited that my long-time lieutenant, Mr. Vadim Fomichev, has agreed to take on the Direct of Sales post. Vadim has done a great job in managing our ever-growing global distribution network. He will now also be responsible for corralling Technical Support, Sales and Marketing departments”. 

With Ms. Zevelyov in command, the company plans to focus on R&D and to release at least one new scanner per year.



Anna Zevelyov, Thor3D CEO


Vadim Fomichev, Thor3D Sales Director



Founded in 2015, Thor3D, a Moscow-based 3D scanner manufacturer, is best known for releasing the first ever wireless handheld 3D scanner. The company also made headlines in 2016 by releasing Drake, the first hand-held 3D scanner with interchangeable lenses.

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