06 November 2020

3DiTALY, a distributor of Thor3D in Italy, will launch a series of free live stream video conferences for companies and experts called Fabrication Tour. As the company states in the press-release, the goal is to “create a network of contacts between the managers of 4.0 Industry”. 3DiTALY will discuss the new digital manufacturing technologies as well as how to become a Lean Manager. Fabrication Tour is aimed at businessmen who are willing to reinvent themselves, to look ahead and don’t stand still. The Tour will appear as a virtual window of 3DiTALY offices in Rome, Milan, Turin, Padua and Raguse.

The Tour schedule:

9 Novembre - 3DiTALY Rome
10 Novembre - 3DiTALY Padua
11 Novembre - 3DiTALY Milan
12 Novembre - 3DiTALY Turin
13 Dicembre - 3DiTALY Ragusa

The link to the free booking platform:

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