Thor3D & XTract3D: a powerful combination

Purchase Thor3D scanners together with the XTract3D plug-in and save time and money. Your reverse engineering project will be done on time and on budget.

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What is XTract3D?

Building a parametric CAD model is complicated. Building it around a 3D scan is sometimes even tougher.

XTract3D is a reverse engineering plug-in that works natively in SOLIDWORKS. This tool has slicing, fitting, and snapping features that let you draw around the 3D mesh to create a proper parametric CAD model.

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You already know how to use it
XTract3D is a plug-in that was designed specifically for SOLIDWORKS. This means that if you already work in that program, you will need little or no training to start using it.
High resolution scan data? not a problem

The high resolution data from your Thor3D scanner will load easily into SOLIDWORKS. Build simple 2D sketches or complex 3D surfaces: XTract3D will handle it.

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