Create a review and get a handy Calibry backpack for your scanner

Create a review and get a handy Calibry backpack for your scanner

We want to encourage Calibry users to share their scanning experience. You’ve done an interesting project with Calibry or Mini? Worked with your scanners for a while or have just received one and feel excited about it? Tell the world! As a “thanks” for your efforts, we will present you with a Calibry backpack.
It’s lightweight
It’s lightweight
It’s spacious
It’s spacious
Has lots of pockets
Has lots of pockets

What exactly do I need to do?

  • Film a video about how you like the scanner (or tell an exciting use-case story)
  • Upload the video to your YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn account
  • Let us know by using the following hashtags #calibryreview #calibryminireview #3dscanner
  • Don’t forget to tag our official accounts, too!
  • Wait for us to get in touch with you

Get inspired


Do I review Calibry, Calibry Mini or both?
Pick any scanner you wish. You can feature both too, if you’d like.
Can I film literally any video review?
We believe our clients and partners know best; therefore, we do not impose strict requirements on videos. Nevertheless, in order to avoid ambiguous interpretation of the campaign conditions, we would like to ask to comply with the following recommendations:
- Video length – not less, than 5 minutes
- Resolution – not less, that 720 p
Do I tag Thor or Calibry accounts? You’ve got both.
When things are concerned with the product itself, we post news in the Calibry accounts. When there are global news concerning the company, we publish that in the Thor accounts. You can follow the same logic if you like, but actually it’s not that important. If you’re not subscribed to us yet, it might get tricky finding the right account, so here is the list for you:




Can I use other hashtags?
You can put your corporate hashtags as well, but in order for us to find you easier, we ask you to use the following tags: #calibryreview #calibryminireview #3dscanner
I’ve never done reviews before. What do you expect me to feature there?
We think that there is no standard outline for a review, so you can get very creative here. But if you’re stuck, here are some topics for inspiration:

- Unpacking. Tell everybody what’s inside the box!
- Share you experience. Discuss the scanner characteristics and demonstrate your scanning skills.
- You’ve got an interesting work process? Tell everybody how you use the scanner along with other 3D software.
- 3D combo: scan anything and then 3D print it
Do I have to make a review in English?
We would really love it, but if you feel more comfortable using your native language, then this is not a problem. Don’t forget to provide English subtitles for the video, though!
Our company uses other social media, different to yours. What do we do?
That’s not a problem. Publish a review, provide it with hashtags, give the link to our website and send us the screenshots.
I really want to make a review, but I can’t make a video. Is there an option for me?
Yes! Drop us an email at with the title “Calibry review” and we’ll discuss your case.