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Maintenance and repair


2 years of warranty is included in the price of Calibry.

  • The #1 reason a scanner is sent back for repairs is because it is dropped on the floor. In this case, we typically must replace the casing and recalibrate it. If the damage to the casing is not bad, you can choose not to have it replaced (we leave that decision up to you).

  • After the initial assessment is done by the repair unit, you will receive an email from our technical support staff or from your local representative informing you about the results of the analysis and whether the repair is covered under warranty. Before we start repairing it, we ask for your confirmation. Alternatively, if you wish, you could always receive your device back without any modifications or repairs being performed.

  • If you do not agree with the initial assessment (for example, the assessment states that there is evidence that the scanner was dropped by user and is therefore not covered by warranty, but you know that is not the case), you could appeal the decision of the repair center with the Director of the Repair Unit. The appeal can take 2-5 business days. S/he will email you photos and other analytical evidence.