Thor3D & Zbrush

A great combination of fast scanning and
artistic tools to unleash your creativity

Create 3D sculptures, fantasy characters, illustrations and much
more with the help of flexible software and powerful Calibry 3D scanner. Simplify your workflow and save money by purchasing our bundle.

Imagine that you need to create a fantasy character, a futuristic weapon or a creature from a fairy tale. You may start your work from scratch and devote lots of time and effort to sculpting details by hand. Or you can use Calibry3D scanner to digitize any real-life item as a reference object and save your time.


Create anatomically correct characters quickly, by using a 3D scan of a human as reference. Or construct realistic industrial 3D images with life-like intricacies with ease. Be an artist and let Calibry do the mundane.

Movies and games

Digitize an actor with Calibry 3D scanner and morph it into a fictional character!

Product design

Get a scan of a reference product and work on its design with artist-friendly ZBrush tools. Calibry easily captures even traditionally tricky objects, so you are free to create.

Science and 3D printing

Archeology and anatomy are one from many areas of scientific application of Calibry3D and ZBrush. Digitize, sculpt and print!


We also provide a generous discount to educational institutions