Thor3D & Rhino

Thor3D & Rhinoceros

An effective set of tools for a 3D scan

Whether you are an engineer or a product designer, this bundle will be a great solution for you. Start from your scan data and model, render or analyze your 3D models. The software offers a variety of tools to work with point cloud data and polygon meshes.
Rhino is compatible with most design, CAD, engineering, analysis
and rendering software. With Calibry 3D scanner, which captures
even the most difficult objects, you are free to create.

What can I add to the bundle


Flamingo nXt

Flamingo nXt is a powerful rendering engine. nXt produces realistic lighting and materials and does this all quickly and without fuss.



Penguin provides painting-like rendering and technical illustration to Rhino.



Bongo is a simple integrated animation for industrial & product designers. It allows previewing inside Rhino in real time and in any shading mode.



Brazil is an integrated powerful rendering for Rhino. It is widely used in product and transportation design.


We also provide a generous discount to educational institutions