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Is it safe for our eyes to be exposed to the scanner?

The scanner is utilizing LED illumination with white or blue light. Since LED light is not highly focused (like lasers), has low intensity, and normally has a short time of exposure (1-5 minutes), it is not harmful to the eyes. However, no extensive, formal testing has been done on people with epilepsy. Although, in our practice, we’ve never heard of someone being affected, we nevertheless urge patients with epilepsy, or similar conditions, to not use this technology. Better save than sorry!

Where can I see and try your scanner?

Just drop us a line at info@thor3dscanner.com. We will either put you in contact with one of our authorized distributors around the world, or if there isn’t one next to you, we will offer to demo the equipment via a video-conferencing app like Skype.

Can I open your .ascan file in any other software?

This is a specific file format, which we use for the data gathered by our scanners. It can be opened only in Calibry Nest software. However, it is possible to export each frame out as a .ply file.

I’ve made a scan, how can I see the result?

The raw data file has an. ascan format and you need to open it in our desktop software ‘Calibry Nest’. After the post-procession is done you will have a polygonal mesh which can be saved in one of the supported formats: .obj, .stl, .wrl, .ply.

What is the difference between resolution and accuracy?

Resolution is the size of the edge of the triangle. The accuracy is the error of the position of points in the raw data.

How fast/slow should I move around the object during the scanning process?

The moving speed depends on the frame rate (frames per second or FPS) of the cameras, which for Calibry is 20-35 per second (depending on several factors). It is a good idea to move smoothly without any sudden jerks. It takes approximately 1-2 minutes to digitize a full human body with the Calibry scanner.

What’s the technology behind our scanners?

Our devices use an approach called «structured light» to build a 3D surface. Although, this method is widely used in other 3D scanners, our team has super-charged it (and patented it), allowing our scanners to surpass all others on the market. The basic concept is as follows: 1. A light pattern is projected onto an object using a built-in projector. 2. The light bounces back, and the built-in cameras, capture the deformation of the light grid. 3. This deformation is analyzed in real-time by powerful algorithms, using the laptop the scanner is attached to. 4. This is done continuously (up to 35 times per second), so a 3D image begins to take shape immediately on a built-in screen, as the scanner is taken around the object.

How much are the scanners?

Prices may vary depending on your location. Please contact us at info@thor3Dscanner.com to get an individual quote.

Does it come with software?

Yes, software is included in the price. The software will finalize your models and allow you to export it into OBJ/STL/WRL/PLY.

I’m confused about markers. why do I need them? where do I get them?

Markers (or targets as they are also commonly known) are round, black and white stickers or magnets that you place on an object before scanning. They guarantee that you will not lose alignment during scanning (this is a frequent problem with other scanners) and that you receive high-quality data. You can print these markers on your office printer or purchase magnet markers from Thor3D. If you still have questions, please emails us at info@thor3Dscanner.com or download our Guide To Markers for more info.

What kind of support do you offer?

If you purchased one of our scanners, we treat you like royalty. We provide unlimited training and support. Whatever your question is, we will answer it via email, phone, webex, skype or anything else you want to use for communication. You are also welcome to visit our office in Moscow (we love guests) and have an in-person training session.

Is there a warranty? What if the scanner breaks?

Yes, a 24-month warranty is included for Calibry. If something breaks during that time (and it wasn’t your fault), we will fix it for free. If something breaks after the warranty has expired, we will let you know how much the repairs will cost. In both cases, you are responsible for shipping charges to us, while we will cover the cost of sending the scanner back to you after repairs.

How do I become a reseller?

If you are interested in becoming one, please email us at info@thor3Dscanner.com and tell us about yourself and your business.

Why should I choose Calibry over other scanners?

If you want to scan medium/large objects (30cm - 10m), you will not find a better solution. Calibry is affordable (5490 EUR), but more importantly, it can scan historically difficult objects like sharp edges, hair, black and shiny objects.