Thor3D: Scan any medium/large object

Thor3D is a wireless, hand-held 3D scanner for large and medium objects (1-10m sized) such as humans, cars, yachts or statues.

The scanner is discontinued since July 2018.


Technical Specifications

Accuracy, up to  200 microns 
Accuracy over distance, up to  0.020% over 1m 
Resolution, up to  1mm 
Texture  Yes, 1.3MP 
Light Source  White LED 
Optimal stand-off distance  110cm 
Recommended size of object  50cm - 10m 
Scanning area per frame, mm (min - max)  (457 x 610) — (914 x 1220) 
Frame rate, up to  10 
Data acquisition speed, up to  1 500 000 points/sec 
Multi-core processing  Yes 
Output formats  STL, OBJ, WRML, PLY 
Dimensions, in mm  180 x 220 x 360 
Weight  1.8kg 
Power  Built-in rechargeable battery, up to 1.0 hours 
Power charger  12V, 60W 
Touchscreen  Built-in 5in screen 
Software  Thor3D Nest (complimentary) 
Data transfer modes  USB Flash drive or WIFI 
Minimum computer requirements  Windows 8.1, 10; Intel Core i7; NVIDIA GeForce 400 or better (with memory of 2GB or better); RAM: 16GB 
Operating temperature  +5C — +35C 
Operating humidity  20 - 80%