Calibry Mini

Affordable & easy scanning of small objects

Calibry Mini is a hand-held 3D scanner designed to digitize small objects (from 2 cm to 30 cm in length). Blue LED lights ensure high quality of captured data and build-in touchscreen makes scanning easier. The device is lightweight, dependable, and simple to learn.

Calibry Mini
€ 6 990
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Calibry mini has three scanning modes (texture, geometry, and markers), which enables the user to scan almost any object within the scanner’s field of view. Capture intricate geometry:

Calibry mini will be perfect for:

Medical professionals

Medical professionals

The Mini captures intricate parts of human anatomy quickly. In plastic and maxillofacial surgery, it is used to digitize ears, lips, and noses. Orthopedic and prosthetic specialists use the Mini to scan hands and feet to create custom braces and other corrective devices.

Schools and universities

Schools and universities

The scanner comes with complementary, unlimited Calibry Nest software, making it a great solution for schools with tight budgets. Invest in one device; install the software on every computer in the classroom. Students can have hands-on experience with the Mini during class and then work with collected 3D data at their own pace during lab hours or at home.

Museums and archeologists

Museums and archeologists

Want to create a 3D virtual museum? Travelling to an archeological site to dig up dinosaur bones? The Mini will digitize artifacts in full color and is easy to take with you on an airplane.

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Technical specifications

Up to 0.07 mm 
Accuracy over distance  Up to 0.1 mm over 1 m 
Point resolution  Up to 0.15 mm 
Depth of view  180-300 mm 
Field of view  Min 86x115 mm
Max 144x192 mm 
Texture  Yes 
Light source  Blue LED 
Frame Rate  25-30 fps 
Data Acquisition speed  Up to 3M points/sec 
Multi-core processing  Yes 
Weight  900 gr (1.9lbs) 
Touchscreen  Yes, 4 in 
Software  Yes, included in the price 
Operating temperature  +5 / +40C 


We also provide a generous discount to educational institutions