Сareer at Thor3D

We are an innovative, high-tech manufacturer of 3D imaging hardware and software. The core team of the company is comprised of industry veterans and has been together for more than a decade. So, if you are a young specialist, you will find a thoughtful mentor among your peers and if you are experienced, we will welcome your knowledge and will appreciate the “new blood”.

We are currently looking for

С++ программист
Требуемый опыт работы: 3–6 лет
Полная занятость, полный день

Какие знания потребуются:
- Уверенное знание C++17.
- Опыт разработки многопоточных приложений с использованием Intel TBB, std::thread, OpenMP.
- Знание паттернов проектирования.
- Опыт использования библиотек OpenCV, Boost, Eigen.
- Опыт написания unit-тестов и бенчмарков при помощи gtest и microbenchmark.

- Опыт использования библиотек OpenMesh, PCL,
- Знание OpenGL и языка шейдеров GLSL.
- Знание языков гетерогенных вычислений OpenCL или Cuda
- Знание основ линейной алгебры, матричных вычислений.
- Английский язык.

Что мы предлагаем:
- Гибкий рабочий график.
- Устраиваем по всем требованиям законодательства РФ.
- 10 мин пешком от метро Нагатинская.

Technical Support Engineer
Work experience: 1–3 years

- At least a bachelors degree in Engineering, Programming or other technical field
- Technical support experience (at least 1 year)
- Fluent English (the interview will be conducted in English, so be prepared)
- Ability to find a common ground with international partners and high level of personal responsibility.
- A lot of initiative! We are looking for someone who is highly motivated and is yearning to take on new and exciting projects.

Preferred skills:
- Comfortable with a high-paced work environment
- Ability to withstand negative feedback and remain calm even in the most stressful situations.
- Ability to do more with less (money doesn’t always solve all problems in business)
- Good computer skills
- Any other language is a plus (Chinese, German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese)
- A sense of humor

- Provide technical support (hardware & software) to our customers around the world via email, phone and skype (primarily in English).
- Test new versions of software before they are released to customers and give feedback to our programming department.
- Use our 3D scanners to make sample scans
- Occasionally attend exhibitions in Moscow and abroad with sales personnel
- Assist marketing department in creating content for social media and website

What we offer and other important details:
- A fun, accommodating and never boring atmosphere at a high-tech, Moscow-based company
- A good-natured boss (guess, who is writing the text for this vacancy? ;))
- All the official employment papers and 4 weeks paid vacation, naturally
- We like to promote from within, so if you are interested in learning about marketing/sales/IT/programming or any other type of position within the company, we are more than happy to support you in your efforts
- We are 15 min (walking) from a metro station (m. Nagatinskaya)
- Work day lasts 9 hours (with one hour lunch break) and can start anywhere from 9am to 11am.
- Although this is not written in stone, we think this would be a good position for someone who only has a few years of experience under their belt and is yearning to get a lot more experience to rise up the ranks a couple of years down the road.
- Salary: 60 000 RUB/mo
- Reporting to “Director of Sales”
- There will be a single interview, but with several people in the company. The decision will take less than two weeks.

Please send us your CV and a cover letter with the answers to the following questions:
1. Tell us more about your job experience that is most similar to our vacancy.
2. Give examples of your solving difficult cases in supporting customers.
3. Besides salary, what tasks should motivate and inspire you in your job?
4. Have you attended any education courses over last year? Please indicate.
5. What CRM or ticket management system did you use? Did you like it and why?

Don't be shy, apply!
International Sales Manager
Work experience: 1–3 years

- At least a BA in Business, Marketing, Linguistics, Journalism, Foreign Affairs or related field.
- Sales Experience (>1 years),
- Fluent English (interviews are conducted in English),
- Initiative and ability to learn fast,
- Ability to travel,
- Good computer skills,
- Optimistic view and a good sense of humor,
- Official work permit in Russian Federation if you are expat.

Additional requirements:
- Previous experience with 3D scanning, 3D printing, professional CAD software (Geomagic, Solidworks, etc.) or professional photo cameras,
- Basic understanding of additive manufacturing market,
- Broadmindedness, emotional intelligence and a respect to foreign cultures and traditions,
- Experience with organizing and attending events, roadshows, exhibitions,
- Second foreign language is a plus,
- Analytical skills and ability to find contacts through different sources.

- Find new partners, prepare technical or commercial offers, negotiate and monitor the contracts terms, close deals,
- Evaluate the product line and technology,
- Make presentations, webinars,
- Attend professional events in Russia and abroad,
- Keep CRM updated,
- Report to Director of Sales.

What we offer:
- A unique chance to broaden experience of international sales, study new technologies, communicate with people of different cultures and see the world,
- 55K salary + monthly bonuses (expect to make >90K in a few months), paid vacations,
- Flexible work hours

To apply please send your CV and a cover letter with your answers to the questions below:
1. Tell us more about your job experience that is most similar to our vacancy.
2. What sales results did you reach there?
3. What is your per year revenue expectation? How can you reach it?
4. Besides salary, what tasks should motivate and inspire you in your job?
5. Do you prefer active sales or account management?
6. Have you attended any education courses over last year? Please indicate.

Don't be shy, apply!