Thor 3D turntable

To make the process of scanning humans even easier, we recommend purchasing the Thor3D turntable. It was created by experienced hardware engineers that have designed several successful 3D scanners in the past.


The turntable will enable quicker and easier scanning, as well as almost guaranteed better results.

All you have to do is:

Place a person in the desired position on the table
Place a person in the desired position on the table
Turn on the table
Turn on the table
Start scanning
Start scanning


The Thor3D rotating table comes with all the necessary cables, a convenient floor button for easy on/off functionality. This casing can be easily replaced if it gets damaged or dirty.
The rotation speed can be adjusted for convenient scanning and the turntable can withhold up to 200 kilograms of weight.


Technical specifications

Materials  Plywood, High-impact polystyrene 
Dimensions (dxhxw)  510 х 510 х 150 mm 
Rotation speed  0.25-6.5 rpm 
Power demand  60 W 
Maximum load  200 kg 
Weight  10 kg