Case Study: Making a digital copy of a person with Calibry 3D scanner.

Summary: A company called Fora Robotics used Calibry 3D scanner to make a 3D model of a person, animate it and put into a mobile game.

The aim: Create a pipeline which will allow to effortlessly make a person’s 3D avatar and put it into a mobile or video game.

The tech: Calibry 3D scanner, an anthropometric suit, Calibry Nest software and 3D Max software.

Achieved Result: A concept of the game has been created.

A company called Fora Robotics used Calibry 3D scanner to create a digital copy of a person for a mobile game.

The company works in the field of robotics and digital technologies. It’s new and ambitious project is to digitize real people and upload them into a game where anyone can control their own avatar. The  "Fight for Yourself" or simply "FFY" game is all about martial arts. In the nearest future, "Fora Robotics" plans to scan professional athletes and put their avatars in the mobile game. At the moment, negotiations are underway with one of the national martial arts teams to participate in the project.

In the future, anyone will be able to scan themselves in order to compete with a professional martial arts athlete in this mobile game. The user can interact either with game characters or with avatars. For example, you can digitize the company’s staff, put all employees in the game and arrange a competition among digital copies of your colleagues. Below we will take a closer look at the process of creating an avatar.

1. First, the digital copy of a man was made with a Calibry 3D scanner. The model was digitized without clothes, since later, in the game, the avatar will wear sports shorts.

Image 1. Untextured scan of the model

Image 2. Textured scan of the same model

2. The second step is character animation. Creating realistic movements is a rather laborious process. The 3D-modeler needs to take into account the anatomy so that the movements look natural. At the moment, motion capture technology is popular on the market - with the help of an anthropometric suit, the movements of an actor / model are recorded. The data is captured in real time.

3. Before loading the model into the game, a small retopology was made in 3D Max. Below are some screenshots of the game interface. The game is not finished yet and is currently being tested.

Image 3. Game menu. Concept

Image 4. Selecting the location of the battle. Concept

Image 5. Battle concept (1)

Image 6. Battle concept (2)

Picture 7. Battle concept (3)

Picture 8. Battle concept (4)

Image 9. The main menu of the game. Concept