On the 20th of January we shall hold a webinar dedicated to 3D scanning specifics and techniques. If you ever wanted to become an expert in 3D scanning, then this is just the right time for you to attend the event!
“Become Expert in 3D scanning” webinar is aimed to cover a wide range of common problems/questions, that every 3D scanner user stumbles upon. We won’t put all the cards on the table yet, but here is a hint at what will be discussed:

- How can I scan a reflective surface?
- How the scanner "sees" the world?
- Why some objects are easy to digitize and some not?
- Why my 3D model has ripples?
- Why are black objects difficult to capture?
- Why is sunlight interfering with my 3D scanner and what can be done?
- How do I scan something very shiny?

The webinar will be live streamed from an official Calibry YouTube channel and will be split into two sessions:
For Asian/Pacific region – 6 a.m. GMT;
For European/American region – 5 p.m. GMT.

Pick the time that suits you best!

Direct live stream links will be sent via newsletter as well. They will also be available on our social media accounts on the 20th of January, so anyone can join us in the discussion!