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Last week Thor3D distributor in Russia, Top3DShop, welcomed Calibry specialists to hold a technical training for the company’s staff in the head office. The training was initialized by the distributor to deepen the skills and knowledge of Top3DShop employees about Calibry 3D scanner and particularly Calibry Nest Software.
The training was split into two sessions: instruction of the technical team and of the sales team. Top3DShop staff had a unique opportunity to ask our scanning specialist (Yulia Popova) pending questions and find out essential tips on scanning with Calibry. For instance, Top3DShop team was given a masterclass on how to scan difficult objects (e.g. repetitive texture, lack of geometry, dark or sharp/thin substances) in order to achieve high-res scans. Useful Calibry Nest tools and presets were also covered during the training. 
At the distributor’s request, Calibry was also put to test with EinScan Pro 2X Plus when scanning a statue and a real-life person. Top3DShop tech support team showed excellent engineering skills when scanning with both 3D scanners.

Image 1. Yulia Popova, scanning specialist, gives some tips on how to scan properly with Calibry.

Image 2. Yulia Popova, scanning specialist, gives a masterclass to Top3DShop tech support staff.

Image 3. Testing the scanners.