As of today, half of our programmers are off for vacation. Why? Because Thor3D software v1.3 is finished and available for download.

What’s new?

This version is not just bug fixes. It has a lot of great new features, functions and wonderful surprises for our experienced users. 

  • Automatic removal of markers

    In v1.2, we introduced the ability to scan with markers. Since then, many of our users have been asking for a way to automatically remove these markers from the mesh after scanning is done.

  • Automatic alignment by markers
    Before removing markers from the surface of the model, use them to automatically align several scans into one. This feature will help those scanning objects with little geometry or texture (like a wall or a pipe). This feature is also commonly known as “Auto-Align”.

  • Viewer capabilities

    Use Thor3D software to view and alter any support 3D file regardless of how this file was created (supported formats: OBJ, PLY, STL).

  • Improvement to key algorithms

    Our brilliant mathematicians have made significant improvements to several key algorithms (“align”, “hole filling”, “coarse registration”), as well as optimized the way RAM is used during post-processing (this means working with large scans is easier).

  • Multi-language support

    The software is now available in 6 languages (English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese – Simplified, Portuguese, and Russian)