September 18, 2017. Moscow, Russia

Thor3D is proud to announce the release of its “Calibration Tool” for the flagship Drake 3D scanner. This tool is a kit which consists of both new hardware and software and will allow users to calibrate their device at home.

This calibration kit is made up of two parts: the board and the base. The board varies in size and weight depending on which 1 of the 3 lenses the user needs to calibrate (Mini, Midi, or Maxi). The base is a way to tilt and stabilize the scanner in a specific manner, so that calibration process is easy and precise.

Previously, every Drake scanner had “factory-calibration” only. Although that is convenient, it does not always guarantee the most accurate data for the end user. For those clients that require the best possible accuracy and repeatability of data, a “home” calibration kit is a must. With it, these users are able to make sure that every scan is accurate and reliable.

So now, every Drake owner will have a choice: calibrate your scanner regularly using the new home Calibration Tool to ensure the highest possible accuracy, or use the factory calibration which is pre-installed on the device.

Read our recent blog entry about why home calibration is a good idea and why we decided to introduce this feature.

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Large Calibration Board for Drake Maxi

Base for Drake

Snap-in for Calibration Board