Nowadays technologies are heavily involved in the entertainment industry. Last year 3DiTALY was contacted by the editorial staff of Mediaset (an Italian-based mass media company) to record an episode of the program Scherzi a Parte. The episode was broadcast on Sunday, October 17 2021.
Scherzi a parte is a hidden camera-practical joke TV series, which was first aired in prime time on the 9th of February 1992. The show stars national celebrities as victims of the pranks.

This episode’s joke involved the famous showgirl, Valeria Marini. The 3DiTALY had to make a 3D scan of her and do an exaggerated and grotesque 3D retouching.

In order for the episode to succeed, the star and her team members shouldn’t suspect anything. On a far-fetched pretext, Velaria was invited for a 3D scanning session at 3DiTALY’s headquarters in Rome, at Pigneto.

The retouching and post-production of a 3D scan was done in the second office, in Milan. Valeria's face was deformed in Zbrush to make her look grotesque. The caricature head was then mounted on a body with exaggerated shapes. The star was turned into a doll available in various costumes on the fake website. 
The episode was broadcast on TV on October 17th and made some buzz. The show is available on the Mediaset website.