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We are pleased to announce the release of Drake 3D scanner software update! A number of new features added

as well as a few bugs fixed:

Improvements and new features:

Calibration feature added. Now, together with the calibration board you can perform manual calibration.

This significantly improves accuracy and elliminates the need for costly repairs if the scanner is damaged.


Ability to adjust texture flash added. This is useful when scanning in a photo studio with professional

lighting. Turning off texture flash is also helpful when scanning humans without texture (the flash

can sometimes be irritating).

Ability to adjust color brightness added. This new setting helps scan black and shiny objects which

either reflect or absorb light.

Example: same black object in preview mode scanned with different “Color Brightness” settings.

Preview during scanning feature added. While scanning, in the lower right corner of the screen,

see accumulation of all frames you have captured thus far. This is useful to understand which

part of the object you still need to scan.


UI & UX improved. Minor software bugs and errors fixed.

Overall system update. Improved stability, performance, markers detection and tracking.

We wholeheartedly welcome feedback. We are constantly working on improving

              our product and encourage you to take part in this process!