“To err is human, to forgive divine”

— Alexander Pope

About a week ago I posted, on our corporate website and our social media pages, an article about how we picked a name for our new 3D scanner. It was a long and arduous decision, but I finalized the name choice by publishing it. It had to be done. And frankly, I liked the name that we, collective, chose: Drake.

As lucky as I am, ordinarily, to have incredibly brilliant, inquisitive and innovative minds around me, do you want to guess what happened next? The discussion did not subside. It continued and even, at some points, intensified. Equipped with the latest mobile gadgets and Google, these brainiacs bombarded me with interesting facts about the word “Drake”.

Apparently, we named the scanner after a famous British pirate and after a male duck. In Swedish, evidently, Drake translated to “Ankbonde” (how is that relevant?) and this word was most popular in the 1930’s and is now almost antiquated (how, in the hell, does Google know this?).

Despite all these attempts to dissuade me, I am holding my ground. I have Google too!

The decision has been made and we are moving forward. But if you, our customers, decide to associate our new 3D scanner with a famous privateer, with poultry, or with a Canadian singer (thanks Aniwaa guys for that), then so be it, as long as you enjoy it and it is useful to you and your business.