Thor3D announces that it partners with Pixologic to bring a bundle for digital artists, game and product designers, who can cut costs and speed up their workflow with Calibry 3D scanner.

The bundle is available for sale through Thor3D local distributors or directly on Thor3D website and the recommended retail price for the bundle is 6495 USD.

How is it useful?

3D modelling is an integral part of the entertainment and VFX industry such as game development and movie making. Zbrush played a key role in such movies, as Avatar, The Avengers, The Lord of The Rings and the Pirates of the Caribbean series. Most AAA games were created by using Zbrush software (The Last of Us, The God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn).

In some cases, 3D artists build a 3D model from scratch which takes hours of rigorous work. Considering that modern industry requires maximum photorealism from the models, the process becomes tedious.

In other cases, companies use photogrammetry: they take real people or objects as “reference models” and “scan” them.  But scanning stations are known for being expensive and demanding for powerful graphic cards, GPU and RAM.

By purchasing the bundle, VFX specialists will save both time and budget without compromising on the quality of the 3D models. Unlike photogrammetry, Calibry doesn’t require powerful computers to process the data (minimum computer requirements: Intel i7 processor, Nvidia graphic card, 8GB of RAM).  

To illustrate how the bundle can be used, we scanned one of our team members with Calibry 3D scanner and sent the model to a 3D artist to turn it into a fantasy character.

Image 1. A reference model was digitized with Calibry 3D scanner. Based on the reference, the 3D characters have been created by an artist.

The scanning and further post-procession in Calibry Nest software took 10 minutes in total. An STL file was ready to be imported to Zbrush.

Image 2. Calibry allows to capture the smallest anatomic details, enabling a 3D artist to devote more of its efforts to 3D model elaboration.

Calibry captures fur and human hair as well as dark objects, providing flexible and convenient solution for the entertainment industry. Use complimentary Calibry Nest software to finalize the mesh and export it to Zbrush.

“With Calibry and Zbrush combined together, digital sculptors, artists and designers can get their projects done so much easier”, comments Anna Zevelyov, CEO and Co-Founder of Thor3D, “we continue to expand the portfolio of our bundles and are proud to collaborate with Zbrush. “