The newest version of Thor’s award-winning editing software is released today. The much-anticipated version 2.0 is the software which encompasses ease-of-use with sophisticated tools to enable users of all Thor scanners to arrive at a perfect result.

This version of software has several noteworthy features:

1. It is optimized for both the Thor3D and Drake scanners with all three modules. The software recognizes which scanner was used to capture data and applies appropriate, best-suited, automatic settings and algorithms.
2. In this version, the user is given a choice whether to post-process data automatically with one click (as it was in previous versions) or perform a specific step of the process independently. This feature was frequently requested by advanced users of Thor3D Suite.
3. We added a feature called “Preliminary Cleaning”, which filters noise on data that might otherwise interfere with getting a good final result. The great benefits of this filter is best seen when scanning objects with lots of “nooks and crannies” (i.e. crevices, fractures, gaps, etc).
4. This version is a big, symbolic step forward for Thor3D. Small additions and changes to the software, such as the appearance of an Installer and helpful tool-tips, as well as a comprehensive manual and 6 interface languages are all Hallmarks of a mature and seasoned application and is therefore called version 2.0!

This software is already available for download from your distributor. Or you can email us at to receive this update.