We hear this question often and decided it was time to address it. Both Thor3D scanner and Drake Maxi scanner have their advantages and disadvantages. They are similar in their technical specifications and are both designed to scan large and medium objects such as humans and cars. There is a 10% price difference between them (Thor3D is cheaper), but when choosing the right tool for your business, an entrepreneur will usually not be swayed by a 10% variance. So what are some of the key differences?

1. Thor3D has a 20% larger field of view (FOV) than Drake Maxi. Drake Maxi, however, has 20% higher resolution and accuracy.
2. Some users comment that Thor3D is easier to hold and maneuver around the object. Drake Maxi, however, has a swivel screen, so that if you are scanning above your head or under a car, you can comfortably see the screen. With Thor3D seeing the screen while scanning high above your own body can sometimes be problematic.

3. Thor3D scanner is 10% cheaper, but Drake Maxi gives you the ability to add other lenses in the future (in case you want to scan medium or small objects).
4. Drake has 30% more battery life, but Thor3D weighs about 30% less.
5. Drake is newer than Thor3D. This means when designing Drake, we took into account feedback from Thor3D users.

  • One common issue with Thor3D over the past two years was a damaged power port (where the power cable is plugged into the scanner). That is partly due to the users’ rough handling of the charging device and the scanner, but also partly due to the fact that the port was directly attached to key electronic components inside the scanner. This means that when the user pushed the cable too forcefully into the port, the electronics inside would take a beating. In Drake, we made the port more durable and putting in and taking out the cable from the charging port no longer endangers electronic components inside the scanner. 

  • Another issue with Thor3D was the battery. Over time it loses its charge. It’s common and happens with all electronics, but sending a scanner back to the manufacturer to change the battery is a headache. So when designing Drake, we kept that in mind and made the battery easily replaceable.

So what is the conclusion? Which scanner should you choose? It depends. 7 out of 10 people will choose Drake Maxi because it is newer with higher resolution and accuracy. There is also the possibility of adding the MIDI and MINI lenses in the future to their Drake “arsenal”. However, others will choose Thor3D because they never plan on scanning any small objects in the future, because it is lighter, and because it is cheaper.

If this blog post didn’t help, but rather created an even bigger mess in your head, don’t fear. Just email us (info@thor3Dscanner.com) and we’ll talk through the particulars of your projects and recommend the right scanner for you.

Peter & Greg
Thor3D Technical Support Team