Reverse engineering software overview


Geomagic Wrap can also be used for reverse engineering, but it has some distinct features, which make it different from Design X. So, aside from converting a mesh to CAD (compared to Design X it has limited number of mesh-to-CAD tools), you can also work on its textures (side not: Rhino and Zbrush allow texture edits too).

For example, you can apply texture to your model, amend the color and adjust its brightness/contrast, implement RGB corrections and etc.


Image 12. On the screenshot a .jpg texture is applied to the model.

Geomagic Wrap also enables you to unwrap the model as on the example below:


Image 13. A 3D model of a tire has been unwrapped around the Z-axis.

Aside from texturing tools, Geomagic Wrap has some useful measurement tools.
You can also scan directly into Geomagic Wrap (like with Geomagic Design X) and align multiple scans into a single scan.