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Recently, Thor3D took part in the biggest annual international exhibition in Eastern Europe dedicated to quarrying and stone working: Stone Industry 2017. For 17 years, this event has been bringing together companies from more than 20 countries from all over the world, including Egypt, Greece, China, India, Turkey, and Italy. Some companies exhibit natural stone itself, which comes in a form of blocks, flags, or slabs while others present quarrying and natural stone working equipment manufacturers and those who provide solutions for its maintenance and preservation.
This is not the first time Thor3D has participated in Stone Industry exhibition. Together with our partner Laserbuild — a measuring equipment distributor in Russia – we attended it last year as well.

An active business program at the event involved scientific and practical conferences, master classes and seminars, where the exhibition participants shared their expertise, experience, and knowledge with each another. Our partners gave a presentation on the topic of “New solutions in measurements and 3D visualization”, introducing the long-range 3D scanner Leica 3D DISTO and our most recent development – Drake 3D scanner.

3D scanner Drake generated great interest among different types of visitors including construction experts, architects, professionals in urban planning and urban design spheres, artists, restaurateurs and memorial services representatives. This once again underlines how multi-purpose the Drake 3D scanner really is.

We would like to thank Stone Industry exhibition organizers for giving us this productive opportunity to share our technologies with such a diverse audience and also our partners LaserBuild for their support and kind cooperation!